TIRBOP Rate Manual

The Pennsylvania Rate Manual sets forth the definitions, general rules, rating systems, coverages, schedule of rates and charges, and approved policy forms, endorsements and other forms for use by members of and subscribers to TIRBOP. The Manual and its contents are filed with and approved by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department in accordance with The Insurance Company Law of 1921.

The provisions of the Rate Manual are binding upon all members and subscribers of TIRBOP and must be used unless a specific deviation from the Manual has been filed by an individual member or subscriber company with, and approved by, the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

TIRBOP Rate Manual

Pennsylvania Approved Endorsement Forms

     Endorsements 100-1035

     Endorsements 1070-1290

     Endorsements 1310-1471

     Endorsements 1480-1580

     Endorsements 1590-1661

Pennsylvania Approved Policy Forms

Pennsylvania Closing Protection Letter